Last session of the series “Koans for beginners with Steven Grant”

Steven Grant event posterOn the 5th of October Kannonji Sangha will have the last session of the Series “Koans for beginners with Steven Grant”. At the usual time – 1 pm PDT – Steven will share his insights about a very important koan for our dayly life:

The Most Valuable Thing in the World
Sozan, a Chinese Zen master, was asked by a student: “What is the most valuable thing in the world?” The master replied: “The head of a dead cat.”
“Why is the head of a dead cat the most valuable thing in the world?” inquired the student. Sozan replied: “Who can put a price upon it?”
When you come to think of it, you may find, that this koan is one we use every day without being aware of it. Why are we not aware? What does it tell you? Join us on Saturday the 5th and discuss with Steven and the sangha. Don’t forget to activate Voice Chat.
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  1. stokastikon says:

    I hope it is ok if I leave this here. I just wrote about the head of a dead cat. No really! I am not being specifically Buddhist in it, but I think I would not have written it as I did if I had not stumbled upon Zen several years ago:

    I will try to get up before the talk tomorrow. I did not realize these were going on and I am sorry to have missed the first four!


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